Skoči na vsebino

Mission, Vision, Values

The basic principle behind our work and services is to assist the relatives of the deceased with making funeral arrangements and with further care and upkeep of their graves. We carry out all our work with utmost respect for the deceased and their relatives, as well as the rich cultural heritage and environment.

Our wealth of experience and the available services will make the difficult time after the loss of a loved one at least a bit more bearable. We know that making decisions while dealing with bereavement is especially difficult, so we do our best to be there for you with a comprehensive range of quality funeral services. Everything we do is based on clear values and vision.


Our aim is to provide all the inhabitants of the City of Ljubljana with high-quality funeral and cemetery services, supplemented with various commercial activities. In doing so, we protect the environment and the cultural heritage and operate as a socially responsible company. Our goal is the satisfaction of all the users of our services, our employees, the owner and the general public.


Our vision is to...

...remain the largest Slovenian provider of funeral, cemetery and cremation services.

... to make sure the users of our services, the employees, the owner and the public are all satisfied with our work.


Respect: a respectful attitude to the deceased and their relatives, good relations with our employees, partners etc.

Quality: services provided in a professional and timely manner.

Know-how: pioneering when it comes to the development of our activities and continuous investment in employee training.

Protection of the environment and the cultural heritage.

Code of Ethics

Our work is based on compliance with the Funeral and Cemetery Services Code of Ethics adopted by the Chamber of Municipal Economy at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.

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