Skoči na vsebino


Rdeča in bela vrtnica na nagrobniku.

Funeral preparations need to be started right after a loved one has passed away. We know that during this sad time dealing with funeral arrangements is extremely difficult, so we will help you every step of the way and take on a big part of everything that needs to be done.


In accordance with the Cemeteries and Burials Ordinance, all the deceased who die within the City of Ljubljana must be brought to the Žale Cemetery. Check what needs to be done before the funeral and how we can help you.

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When ordering funeral services at the Žale Cemetery, you have several options. Learn about all of them and also find out how we can help you organise the funeral.

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A special etiquette applies to funeral attendance – most of us are not familiar with it until we attend a burial. Read everything you need to know beforehand.

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Right after the funeral, it may take quite a bit of work to make the grave looks nice, including all sorts things you may not be used to. Our experienced gardening and stonemasonry experts can help you with all of this.

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