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Before the Funeral

Več manjših svečk, ki so postavljene v vrsto in gorijo.

You can make all the necessary funeral arrangements with us. We will make sure everything is exactly to your liking with a personal approach and personalised services.


In accordance with the Cemeteries and Burials Ordinance, all the deceased who die within the City of Ljubljana must be brought to the Žale Cemetery. If a death occurs at home, the transport of the deceased must be ordered by you, and in the event of death occurring in a hospital or a nursing home, transport is ordered by the institution in question.

To order transportation of the deceased to the Žale Cemetery

call +386 (0)1 420 17 50.

Occurrence of Death at Home

In the event of death, the deceased must always be examined by a doctor performing coroner service. Within the City of Ljubljana, the coroner service is provided by the Institute of Forensic Medicine. After the examination, the medical examiner orders either transportation to the Žale Cemetery or a sanitary post-mortem examination.

With the issued Certificate of Completed Coroner's Examination, you can arrange transportation of the deceased.

Occurrence of Death Elsewhere

If death has occurred outside of home, for example in a hospital or a nursing home, you will receive a death notification, which will contain information on where the deceased is currently located and how to proceed. Please call our reception office for information on the arrival of the deceased at the Žale Cemetery, as well as to arrange the date of your funeral-planning consultation.

Funeral Service Orders

Funeral services need to be ordered in person at the seat of the company ŽALE javno podjetje, d.o.o, where we will help you make all arrangements with a personal approach. Before your visit, you need to call our office to arrange the date and time of your funeral-planning consultation. You will get the name of the consultant who will meet you here at the agreed time.


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Tel: 01 420 17 33

24-urna dežurna služba (vsak dan):

Tel: 01 420 17 50

The following documents need to be presented when ordering a funeral or a cremation:

  • a valid photo ID of the deceased (an ID card, a passport, a driver’s license),
  • a valid ID card of the person ordering the funeral, cremation or deceased transportation,
  • grave number where the deceased is to be buried (if you do not have a leased grave yet, you can lease a new one),
  • Certificate of Completed Coroner's Examination.Documents required for the transportation of the deceased abroad / Dokumenti za prevoz v tujino
  • In addition to the deceased's passport, a post-mortem passport and an international death certificate are also required for the transportation abroad – we will take care of all these for you.

Extended Funeral Service

The funeral service usually takes no longer than one hour. If you anticipate that an hour will not be long enough, you can arrange a one-hour extension when ordering the funeral.

Online Funeral Streaming

One of the available services is online funeral streaming. The funeral ceremony can be viewed online on our website with a username and password provided when you order the streaming.

Funeral Cost Payment

You can pay for the funeral cost in cash, by bank transfer or credit card. The payment method needs to be chosen by the time of the funeral.

Funeral Payment and Bereavement Benefits

Information about eligibility for funeral payment and bereavement benefits is available from the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.