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Detajl iz pokopališča Žale.

Would you like to lease a grave in one of our cemeteries? Would you like to leave the grave to another leaseholder or terminate your lease? Check everything related to grave leasing and grave-lease fees.

The company ŽALE, d.o.o. manages the cemetery grounds and all the cemetery facilities and equipment, it is, however, not the owner. Graves can therefore be leased, but they cannot be bought. An annual grave-lease fee applies.


Learn how you can become a leaseholder of a grave in one of our cemeteries, how you can terminate a lease and how you can transfer it to someone else. Also learn about the leaseholders' rights and obligations.


The grave-lease fee is the amount charged for the lease of a grave in our cemeteries. Check how the fee is paid, how it is calculated and what costs it covers.